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GLEM Jewelry brings distinctive craftsmanship forward by taking the past into the future with remarkable designs that echo another time, yet remain contemporary. Our vision is to design jewelry that feels like your second skin, yet makes an unequivocal statement.
GLEM’s first exclusive collection is “Ophidia”, inspired by the sophistication of modern snakes. “Ophidia” resembles the renewal of a snakes gleaming skin and symbolizes rebirth, power and eternity. Fine jewelry shines and gleams, and much like the gleaming snake skin, embodies the spirit of womanhood.
The signature gemstone of GLEM is Black Onyx because it resembles power and strength. It reminds us to look within ourselves, understand the past, appreciate the present and move forward in life.  Every GLEM collection will include at least one pièce de résistance featuring Black Onyx.
Our Founder and Designer, Sara Slayim AlKhaled, is infatuated with artistic chandeliers.  Much like a room highlighted with a chandelier, Sara’s designs are instrumental in making a statement that define an impactful first impression. The concept of “GLEM” was inspired by how chandeliers reflect varying degrees of beautiful light and shade filling the room with an unmatched atmosphere.